Live Nut Cheese

November 8, 2021
Paul Rodney TurnerPaul Rodney Turner


  • Ripe lady finger bananas –12 
  • 6 avocados 
  • 1/2 –1 cup coconut oil 
  • 1 cup coconut nectar 
  • 4-5 drops of mint essential oil 


1. Peel bananas, slice and place in freezer overnight. 

2. Process until smooth adding a little nut milk if necessary 


1. Add vanilla essence (optional) 

2. Add 1 passionfruit (optional) 

3. Mix in cacao nibs or carob chips into the banana ice cream 

4. Blend ½ cup of coconut flesh to the banana ice cream 

5. Blend 6 ripe mangoes using the same method 

6. Blend 4 cups of fresh strawberries + 2 bananas using the same method 

Choc top 

Mix in bowl, ¼ cup coconut oil, ¼ cup agave syrup, ¼ cup cacao powder until a chocolate sauce is creates. Pour this over the freshly made banana ice cream. It will set in seconds, creating a chocolate topping! 

What to do with leftovers? 

1. Pour the remaining “ice cream” into ice cube containers. 

2. Freeze 

3. Remove and place in blender or food processor along with 1 fresh banana. 

4. Blend or processes until smooth 

5. Add new flavors as desired. 

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