Paul Turner Talks Reaching Peak Performance Through Food and Spirituality on the Rodney Flowers Podcast

Paul Turner Talks Reaching Peak Performance Through Food and Spirituality on the Rodney Flowers Podcast

In a recent podcast with Rodney Flowers, Co-Founder and Global Director of Food For Life Global, Paul Turner, talked about the concept of building a more disciplined mindset through less violent diets and food yoga. Paul also talked about looking past the physical body and seeing everything as spiritual beings, contributing to the collective progress of humans as a global family.


Rodney Flowers is a keynote speaker, best selling author, resilience trainer, and CEO. Rodney suffered a major injury while playing football which left him quadrapelegic. Told he would never walk again, Rodney was dragged through the darkest depths of hopelessness but managed to defy the odds and come out the other side stronger than ever – with a new vision for his future. Now, Rodney prides himself as a role model, three-time international bestselling author, acclaimed resilience and reinvention expert, and in-demand keynote speaker. You can learn more about his inspirational story by clicking the link here


The following paragraph is an excerpt from Rodney’s interview with Paul. You can listen to the full podcast and read the full transcript on the Rodney Flowers website, or by clicking on the link here




“You mentioned a lot about discipline and having a regimented and structured life. As a former monk, what do you see here in this pandemic and then the challenges that we’re facing and our ability to get over it and beyond it? Do you feel there’s a global lack of discipline or lack of any of the things that you may have learned as a monk?” -Rodney Flowers


“There’s a lack of discipline in the world. We’ve become too dependent on the system and government. We expect things, “You should give me money, that and this.” That’s not healthy. In fact, we need to work and earn those things. More importantly, we need to contribute. We are part of a global ecosystem. We all have an important part to play. Every single living thing, every weed, every herb, every bug, every animal, and every person has a service to perform.


One of the things I learned as a monk was that there’s an innate quality of the soul, like there’s an innate quality of sugar, and that is sweetness. You cannot separate sweetness from sugar. They are one and the same thing. They are one and independent. The innate quality of fires is heat and light. Similarly, the innate quality of the soul is unconditional service. That’s what motivates us. That’s what makes us happy and satisfies our core self.


Unfortunately, that’s not being taught in schools. That’s not being taught in the media. It’s this concept of because of your birth, the color of your skin, or whatever that is, you deserve this without any other effort. That’s hurting us a lot. The pandemic has revealed a lot of these insecurities and failings. It’s more than what people expected. When the COVID virus was announced, people were thinking, “That’s going to affect my physical health.” It turned out to be much more than that. It’s affecting us on many levels because it’s making us take a naked look at the reality of our life and our priorities and shift those priorities to align with our real self and higher needs.


As a monk, you learn tolerance and patience. That’s something that can carry on in any material endeavor and can be beneficial because the material world by nature is fraught with danger and surprises. We can’t expect things to always go our way. We’re not living in a vacuum. There are billions of people, other living entities, and then you’ve got Mother Nature. All of these things are going on and we only have so much control. We have to do our best to be the best representation of ourselves and our family. Pray that things worked out because, at the end of the day, we are not the supreme controllers. God is.” -Paul Rodney Turner


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