Food for Life in New Zealand brings unity to the community

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May 24 – Whangerei, New Zealand

FFL Director, Paul Rodney Turner, was the special guest at the Manaia primary school in Whangarei, New Zealand, which is one the schools selected by FFL Northern Island to receive a free lunch.

One day a week the children are fed a sumptuious vegetarian feast by Hare Krishna Food for Life Northern Islands, run by Buddhimanta Khan Das and his staff of volunteers.

Before the event, Paul gave a small talk on the power of food to unite and it became very obvious once the serving began just how powerful this message was.

“There is a real sense of unity here,” explained one of the teachers, as the older students went about serving lunch to the younger students. “Even  the parents get involved with cleaning, and all us teachers also sit down to eat with the kids.”

Todays meal was a sweet and sour vegetable stew, rice and a vanilla semolina pudding (halava). The students relished the lunch and then grooved to some dance music as they cleaned the entire hall.

Feeding children at Manaia school in New Zealand (28 photos on FACEBOOK)

To learn more about Food for Life Global visit or if you are in New Zealand, please get involved in this absolutely wonderful project, visit:

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