Happy Thanksgiving, USA – Be Love in Action

Today, I am thinking of all my friends in the US who are celebrating Thanksgiving and praying that they take the time to actually be grateful for the blessings that come to them, and more importantly to take a moment to appreciate every living being today. Every single one of us, from the ants, elephants, humans and plants — all are an expression of God’s majesty, love and poetry. We personify that loving expression; we are loved and loving others unconditionally is what brings us the greatest joy. Today is a day to express your love for the world. But it should NOT just stop there. Thanksgiving is a day to remind us of our true essence and to give us perspective.

I recently watched a documentary by Velcrow Ripper on the Occupy movement. His message: Love is what the world needs, not greed, not more money, and certainly not more corporate control.

For too long, we have allowed corporations to control our lives, including the most sacred place in our homes, our dinner table. Just imagine, if the currency of the world was not pieces of paper, oil or weapons, but love, expressed as unconditional service to all living things. A world united by love; a world where no one was left out, no one felt disrespected or forgotten. Just imagine.

There is certainly enough natural resources in the world to sustain every man, women and child on the planet, and plenty more to go around to maintain every animal and plant as well. If only we could just share those resources and only take our God-given quota.

Thanksgiving should not be about eating turkeys and drinking beer. It should be about appreciating our world and every thing on this planet. The history of Thanksgiving is stained by bloodshed — millions of native americans raped and killed. The only way to counter this dark history is with the healing tonic of love and respect. We can’t live in the past, but we can learn from it. As more and more people wake up to the reality that they can take back their lives and throw the shackles of corporate control to the ground, the truth of spiritual equality will emerge in the global consciousness.

My sincere prayer on this day is that more and more of my dear brothers and sisters on this planet awaken to the law of love. The wholesale violence and exploitation has to stop and it begins at our dinner tables. It is hypocritical to protest the war in Iraq and then eat the remains of a slaughtered cow from a BBQ or the wing of a baked turkey. If you really love yourself, you will respect your body as a “temple” for you (the soul). The human body is a blessing. Humans are in the minority and so fortunate. Do not waste this unique opportunity to express the full potential of your loving nature, by acting in ignorance. Remember, garbage in means garbage out. Conversely, love in equals love out. You have to love yourself first if you want the world to love you back. So my advice is: eat love, act in love, think love, and serve with love.

Today, make the decision to act in love from now on. Do not eat animals. Love them. And when you sit down to eat your non-violent vegetarian/vegan meal you can be certain that God is hearing your praises of thanks or even your somewhat stale platitudes, and sending even more love back your way. Be the change you wish to see in the world.

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