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How Does a Vegan Diet Protect the Earth and Combat Human Hunger?

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Global warming and climate change is a reality that we all have to face. The sea levels are rising and starvation is becoming more prevalent in a lot of countries. It has been found that there is a link between the increase in animal consumption and what is happening to the planet.

According to studies, the consumption of meat has a huge negative impact on the planet. The production of meat and dairy products not only eats up a lot of agricultural lands and natural habitat but also increases the production of greenhouse gases and the consumption of water. If people around the world shift to a diet that consumes much less animal-based dairy and meat products, the planet has a chance of surviving and world hunger can be addressed.

If you were to search Google and find food for the poor reviews among other charities, you’d find many organizations that are attempting to combat human hunger. However, Food For Life focuses more on feeding the hungry with plant-based meals to not only help deal with the hunger problem but to also help with environmental issues that come with animal-based meat consumption. 


Why should we care about food insecurity and human hunger?


If you’ve recently shifted to a vegan diet, you are helping to prevent further degradation. Studies have shown that eating more veggies and reducing or eliminating your intake of animal-based meat and dairy is actually one way to save the planet. Not only will it stop the destruction of the planet but it will also help address the problem of human hunger and food insecurity.

So what exactly is food insecurity and why should you try to help stop this problem?

Food insecurity is when there is no reliable access to food for a family to subsist on. This is further defined as the inaccessibility of good, substantial, and healthy food. When one or more members of the family go without food for a day because they cannot buy food, that family is suffering from food insecurity.

This is a worldwide phenomenon. According to food for the poor reviews, it is happening everywhere, even in progressive countries like the US and Australia.

While food insecurity and hunger are closely tied together, these two are different from one another. Hunger is a physical issue while food insecurity is a socio-economic issue. These issues should matter to everyone because it creates a domino effect that will impact the economic and social aspects of the nations that are affected. Additionally, empathy and compassion for others is a powerful tool to help change the world for the better.


How does a plant-based or vegan diet help the environment?


As mentioned earlier, shifting to a plant-based or vegan diet can help address the many issues that the planet is facing. These include the following:

Helps to preserve the atmosphere and to decrease our carbon footprint – Let’s face it. The planet needs saving and going vegan can help do just that. Studies have shown that shifting to a plant-based diet has a huge impact on the planet. It reduces the need for huge tracts of land used for raising cows, which means this can be converted to agricultural land that can grow more food for everyone. This, in turn, increases the production of clean air which has a huge impact on the planet.

Helps improve weather conditions for better crop growth – When the consumption of meat is reduced and farming of animals is also reduced, extreme weather conditions that affect where humans and animals live that come with climate change can be slowed. The chain reaction that comes along with protecting the environment will help increase the chances of food crops surviving and being optimally nutritious since there are less extreme weather conditions to damage them. This will result in more food for everyone.


How is FFL fighting for this cause?

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Food for Life is focused not only on feeding the hungry but via more sustainable processes. Going vegan is one of the ways to help increase food production that can help feed more people. If you check their reviews, you will notice the great work they’re doing to promote a vegan lifestyle and feed more people in the process. This is evidenced by the organization’s promise that all donations will go to providing vegan food to the hungry of the world.

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