Feed the World Week 2018

For the last 22 years, Food for Life Global has promoted and hosted Feed the World Week, inspired by the words of A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada who once said, “Invite the world, we can feed them.”

The event was kickstarted during the 100th anniversary birthday of Prabhupada as a one-day event and it continued on to this day as a weekly event. During this week, Food for Life projects and supporters of Food for Life Global will do their best to extend their hospitality as much as possible to make sure that no one in their immediate vicinity goes hungry.

Prabhupada is the inspiration behind the Food for Life project, for it was his desire that no one go hungry and that “everyone should get a chance to get prasadam…” Prasadam is a Sanskrit word that literally means mercy and specifically refers to plant-based food that has been offered in devotion to Krishna. At Food for Life Global, we make it a rule that our affiliate projects only serve prasadam to the public thus uniquely distinguishing our feeding program from the thousands of others in that we intentionally try to make our meals nourishing for the body, mind, and soul.

Feed the World Week is as much about feeding as many people as possible as it is about sharing a message of unity. Food is the great uniter of all peoples and when food is prepared with a loving intention, offered in devotion and served indiscriminately it has the power to unite the world.

This message of unity is perfectly explained and couriered in the food yoga tradition. The word yoga essentially means to unite and therefore food yoga is the art and science of using food as the medium to create a sense of unity among all living beings.

To effectively execute this noble mission it behooves Food for Life Global to adopt a non-sectarian, all-inclusive attitude and that is why we welcome all people, from all nations and all faiths to collaborate and join with us in celebrating Feed the World Week. In this regard, in 2010 I published a book to guide people in starting their own Food for Life project.

After all, each and every one of us are earthlings on this wonderful home we call Earth and that is something to unite for. However, taking this concept to the deepest level, each and every living thing is an expression of the Divine — a spark of God’s splendor if you will — and this unique spiritual status is not exclusive to the human race. All living things are part of this divine spiritual family and through the selfless act of sharing a plant-based meal cooked with love, we can capture that absolute truth and communicate it most effectively.

Please join us this year. To learn more, check out FEED THE WORLD WEEK.