Food for Life Launches in China

April 11, 2016

Zhengzhou, He’nan Province of China — CSKCON (Chinese Society for Krishna Consciousness) in cooperation with the Xin-Yi Cultural Club of Zhengzhou successfully launched Food for Life China. More than 400 people enjoyed a delicious vegan dinner and were entertained with kirtan.

ChinamealsFFLThe prestigious 3000 sq. meter restaurant is the largest in Zhengzhou and amongst the biggest restaurants in China. The owners of the restaurant were so inspired by Food for Life that they removed all meat products from their menu and are now providing a facility for Food for Life volunteers to offer free food to those in need at least one day a month.

While Food for Life China provides healthy meals for those in need, it also focuses on reminding Chinese people of the benefits of plant-based nutrition and the importance of healthy food for developing a peaceful mind and greater awareness.

Mr. Jiping Ye (Yasoda Kumar) was recently appointed the Development Director of Food for Life Mainland China and will oversee the expansion. To contact FFL China

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Food for Life Launches in China

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Food for Life Launches in China

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Food for Life Launches in China

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Food for Life Launches in China



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