A Message a Day helps Food for Life

“People say motivation doesn’t last. Well neither does bathing. That’s why we recommend it daily.”
– Zig Ziglar

Dear Friend, I’d like to thank you for your kind support over the years, support which has helped feed millions of needy people worldwide. As much as Food For Life values and benefits from its donors, as Director I’ve often wished there was a way to reciprocate in kind with those that give – by giving something back. That’s why I’m proud to announce Food For Life’s exciting new partnership with Omkara World and the launch of…

“Namaste – Message a Day”

Namaste Message A Day is a daily program that sends motivational and inspirational quotes to your cell phone via text message and/or standard email. These once-a-day positive messages are a gentle reminder; poignant wisdoms from the world’s greatest minds to invigorate the spirit, and take our day from the mundane to the meaningful. Think of it as a pocket-sized motivational coach, sent by Adam Omkara of Omkara World. Adam is an internationally known mind/body health guru and spiritual consultant whose clients have included celebrities, politicians, CEOs, professional athletes and sport team owners.

Besides short daily messages, members also enjoy monthly insightful emails, audio and video updates, tele-seminars with leading experts on topics of practical spirituality, positive lifestyle, health and wellness, tips on staying motivated as well as valuable free bonuses upon joining, and eligibility for free monthly products.

The cost of Namaste Message A Day is just$7.99/month.


A win-win situation for YOU and Food For Life Global

The reason I’m especially excited by this program is because the majority of the proceeds go to Food for Life Global! Yes, Omkara World and Food For Life have joined together to create a program where over 50% of net profits are going directly to Food For Life. Finally here is a way you can help us and receive something of tangible value in return.

Stay inspired and bring a smile to a needy child — up to 240 extra meals a year!

Each month you are a member, you will be providing up to 20 meals a month to needy children.- That’s 240 meals in a year that you are a member.

“Be the change you want to see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi

I urge you to sign-up, not just because of the tax deductable contributions to Food For Life, but because I’ve seen the benefits of this program on my life and those around me. I genuinely believe you will see the same. By clicking this link you will be directed to a secure site to sign up for Namaste Message a Day. I look forward to sending you future updates noting the good work we’ve been able to do with the financial aid received from Namaste Message A Day.

It’s win/win:

A great way to keep yourself inspired while making a meaningful contribution to Food For Life’s present and future projects.

Try it out NOW! You can cancel at any time. There is absolutely no risk.

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