New branding for Food for Life Global

Over the last 22 years, Food for Life Global (FFLG) brand has gone through a few incarnations, but what has been consistent throughout has been our cartoon character Prasadam das (servant of holy food).

However, in 2016, our creative partners at WordPlay Studios in Sydney, Australia took upon the task of rebranding the organization to better suit the organization in 2017.

During the rebranding process, the team began with the following challenge:

FFLG is facing some challenges that most companies and organizations face as they mature. These challenges are such things as staying relevant to your audience, standing out in a crowd and finding an emotional connection with people. In short, FFLG is doing HUGE things but isn’t getting the recognition it deserves. We have defined a set of objectives in which we will address in the brand evolution process. These objectives are as follows:


  • Gain more brand awareness & visibility
  • Promote spiritual equality as an end to world hunger
  • Better position FFLG to raise funds


  • Marketing, Identity, Social Media, Website & video content
  • Create an identity that communicates FFLG’s ethos & core values
  • Branded communication documents

Firstly they deconstructed the existing branding, looking at the underlying tone and messages Food for Life Global has communicated over the years. Every design they then created focused on delivering a core message.

They then created a variety of initial concepts looking at visual motives of nature, geometry, marigold flowers, thali plates and other abstract symbols. When they related each symbol back to FFLG’s core purpose – to unite the world through pure food – these symbols weren’t completely resonating. They slept on these ideas and they still didn’t seem to be a match for the organization, its message, and its history.

So they let those concepts settle and went back to the drawing board to flesh out some new ideas. We looked further into the symbolism of Krishna and found a path which they believed truly represents FFLG as a whole, a symbol which is universal and interpretive and also alludes to the spirituality that is at the core of the FFLG mission.

This symbol they created for Food For Life Global instills a devotion to spiritual equality, respectively drawing inspiration from the famous ‘Tilak’ symbol that shows a sacred commitment to the teachings of Krishna. This is a mark the Food For Life community already identifies with and the way in which the Tilak has been structured, it can be interpreted as a person with their arms reaching out – suggesting openness, joy, and acceptance.


Food for Life Global affiliates will use the following branding:

We are very pleased with this new branding and over the next few months we will be rolling out new marketing materials using this new branding.

“So what is going to happen to Prasadam Das?” you might ask. He will remain as part of our marketing strategy, but as an animated character in some educational videos we plan to release.

To learn more about WordPlay Studios, please visit: